Boost Your Immunity in 5 Easy Steps


This cold and flu season, skip stocking up on tissues and all that dreaded cold medicine. Instead, take a more holistic approach to your health. Here at TenderCare Dental, we call it the “inside out method.” Simply follow these five easy steps and you will feel healthy all winter long.

1. Ditch the OJ
Many of our patients reach for the orange juice for a boost of vitamin C because studies show it can chase the sniffles away. But most people don’t think about the high sugar content. One serving has over 21 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to five teaspoons. This can do damage to your teeth and build up bacteria in your mouth. So drinking up on the OJ won’t do your mouth any favors.

For a healthier approach, munch on vegetables that are high in vitamin C. The crunchy food can act like a toothbrush and help improve your teeth by removing food particles and bacteria buildup. Leafy greens, such as kale, green apples or romaine lettuce, are excellent choices.

2. Dose Up on Vitamin D
For most people, vitamin D levels drop in the winter months. vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your immunity. When it plummets in the winter, your body may react. Many people experience seasonal disorder tied to low amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps improve your oral health because it builds strong bones. You can strengthen your teeth with a daily does dose of vitamin D. Sun exposure is a great way to get this essential nutrient, but you can also take a supplement or drink dairy milk.

3. Sweat Once a Day
You don’t always here hear your dentist tell you to move your body for a happy smile, but here at TenderCare Dental, we believe in the power of positivity and making healthy choices. When you exercise and move your body daily, you feel better. When you feel better, you tend to smile more. And Best of all, taking care of your self yourself can be fun. A daily sweat session can help cleanse your pores and ride rid the body of toxins.

4. Reduce Stress
Reducing stress is one of the best ways to fight off colds. When your body is stressed, it works overtime to try to do its regular job. Taking care of your body when you are feeling stressed is important. Don’t work too hard and take many breaks throughout a stressful day. Downtime can actually help you recover from any type of flu or cold.

5. Drink Water
We tell our patients to drink more water during the winter months. Because the weather is usually cooler, our natural response to drink more fluids is lower, which means most of us are walking around dehydrated and we don’t even know it.

Carry a reusable water mug around with you and have a glass of water before every meal. Drinking more water can help you stay hydrated and keep cold and flu symptoms away. It can also help flush out toxins in the body and prevent cavities.

From all of us at TenderCare Dental, we wish you a healthy winter season. Come see us today.